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Linda L.

"Lauren’s lessons are a combination of hard work and fun. Without being intrusive, she gently encourages the communication between you and your horse; be it with soft praise or a gentle stroke of your hand, a firm half halt or tap of your whip.  Her lessons are always productive and interesting. "


Katrin S.

"Lauren Ogden has been my coach and mentor for a number of years. One of the things I appreciate most about Lauren is that she has always welcomed my non-traditional projects. Like few others, she is able to see and develop talent in horses, even when that talent is not immediately obvious. Passionate about the classical principles of dressage, Lauren insists on building correct foundations in horse and riders. She is an experienced upper-level dressage trainer with impeccable credentials and a solid theoretical background.I sincerely hope that riders in Florida will appreciate this wonderful trainer, instructor, and all-around horsewoman as much as I do."


Sam A.

"Lauren is one of those rare equestrians that is both a great trainer and a beautiful rider. I was lucky to get to train with her on several different horses over a period of time. I learned so much from both her instruction and watching her ride. She has a real talent and gift in bringing out the potential in both rider and horse."

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Page K.

"Lauren is a trainer who possesses that rare combination of excellent perception and the ability to impart knowledge in a firm, fair and functional way that get results.  My scores went from high 50’s to high 60’s in matter of months. She is kind and patient with riders and horses but doesn’t lack in the discipline required to enable students to make progress.She does this all with a good sense of humor and exceptional skill.
I was very grateful to be able to train with her and my knowledge and abilities increased by leaps and bounds."


Lyn F.

"I will be forever grateful for Lauren Ogden. Not only is she a superb dressage rider and trainer, she also found me the incomparable Ben, my lively and talented Lusitano gelding. Certainly the journey from green-broke 4 year old to FEI talent has been full of challenges. But the rewards of working with Lauren have been immeasurable. Lauren took me on as rider with much more try than talent - but her patience, deep knowledge of dressage, and kind sensitivity for our equine partners has given me a much richer understanding of myself, my horse and the fascinating discipline of dressage."
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