My story

Lauren's horse career started at a young age.  She was 12 when she first started riding dressage and 14 when she started teaching.  She became assistant trainer to Olympian Guenter Seidel in her early 20's and credits much of her success to her time spent with him.  


Lauren has  many achievements in the show ring from training level to Grand Prix and has earned her Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. She is passionate about bringing horses and riders up the levels and believes in using a gentle and compassionate approach. Lightness, harmony, and a classical position are the foundation for her training method and the reason for her success in bringing riders and horses through the levels. Horses trained by Lauren have a high degree of ride-ability and a relaxed and positive mind frame. Lauren's students appreciate her demanding yet patient approach and have enjoyed much success in the show ring as well as developing rewarding relationships with their horses.


Lauren is a competitive rider having traveled down centerline over 200 times on 38 horses and loves the thrill of competition.  "I thrive on the focus you have to bring to the arena to be successful and the discipline it takes to get there.  The minute I go down centerline~ everything else stops and I am in a  completely zen space until the final salute.  There is nothing else like it."


* 2020 World Equestrian Center

1st Place Fourth level Freestyle

*2019 USDF all breeds awards    

National Champion  Grand Prix Freestyle

*2019 USDF HOY Awards

  25th in the Nation Grand Prix Freestyle

*2019 USDF Gold Medal Freestyle Bar

*2017 USDF Regional Champion I-1

*2017 USDF Regional Champion

 I-1 Freestyle

*2017 USDF Regional Reserve  Champion Prix St. George

*2017 HOY award 7th in the Nation    Intermediare-1 Freestyle

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